Test Across the Bay! Meetup in Mobile, AL

Thank you to CTS Mobile sponsoring and hosting this month’s Lean Coffee Style Meetup in their Wall Street office.  It was great to have both testers and developers at the table forming our own agenda, sharing insights, experiences, laughs, and food.

Everyone took 2 index cards and wrote down a topic of interest.  Next we laid out the cards for all to review so that each person could take 3 sticker dots ( and place all or some of them on the card(s) of greatest interest to them.  Then we reordered the cards based on number of votes and consolidated duplicate topics (next time, we will remove dups prior to voting).  We place these cards in the ‘To Discuss’ column and pulled the 1st one into ‘In Progress’ column.  The original submitter of the topic gave us a little more context on the card.   We dedicated at least 6 minutes to each topic.  You can learn more about the LeanCoffee meeting style here.

Topics covered:

  • Dev/QA communication and relationships
    • how not to play the “blame game”, communication throughout the build cycles
    • talking vs. only communicating via bug tools.
    • importance of neutral tone, clarity in bug documentation, including steps/tests
  • How best to limit depth & number of test cases – research and scope
    • consider risk area, quality factors that matter most, breadth of coverage
    • apply multiple test techniques
  • Manual test case structure (test case naming conventions and step details)
    • naming conventions and standards vary between clients
    • should capture the essence of test intent
  • Importance of performance testing
    • clients often think performance testing is included.
    • client education, advocacy, and awareness
    • examples of performance issues
  • How do you manage requirementstraceability in an Agile environment?
    • changing tools, planning, documentation, and approaches in this context
  • Effective Exploratory Testing
    • you CAN have traceability and accountability with exploratory testing
    • take tours, tailor your approach, endless possibilities

Thank you to to Matt Seese for reaching across the bay to host, to Kaeisha Ford for notes, to Justin for the photos and to everyone who participated.


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