May Meetup Redux, Mobile Software Development & Testing

Eight of us (including a colleague from Mobile, AL!) gathered earlier this month for the Gulf Coast Software Testing Meetup.  Thank you to Janusz Chudzynski for speaking with us about Mobile Application Software Development and Testing in iOS and Android.   Janusz is a software engineer, frequent presenter, and research associate at University of West Florida with multiple mobile applications under his belt.  He had suggestions for getting started with development, programming in Objective-C, and utilizing various frameworks for application management, debugging, and deployment. We discussed challenges of testing across platforms and devices.  We also discussed many of these topics as Janusz demonstrated them to us:

  • IDEs and unit testing with XC test framework.
  • xCode’s UI designer and storyboard components.
  • strengths of iOS simulators for forcing test conditions such as stressed resources or slow connections.
  • strengths of xml-based layouts for Android development.

In closing, Janusz passed around a few iBeacons and we brainstormed useful and fun mobile application ideas to benefit from these devices.

I appreciated Janusz’s gracious tone and confident, casual style amidst a somewhat disruptive environment with one of the restaurant patrons having a medical emergency and with dissonant attendee opinions on a few subject areas.  I thought his talk was accessible to testers who do not code and to developers and testers who do code.  I have very limited experience with mobile application testing, however as a result of Janusz’s talk, the subject seemed accessible and I felt inspired to experiment for fun and learning with mobile software application projects outside of my day job.

You can find Janusz on LinkedIn or Twitter @appzzman.

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